Why WordPress

Supercharge your Internet marketing, with built-in robotic agents to do your work, and "Responsive Designs" to service desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, toll free, local phones, appointments handing, SMS, and more.

The are many great Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today. Surprisingly, our best recommendations are free, or GPL, GNU, or other “Public Licenses” so you get the framework free.

Our favorites are WordPress, and Joomla, with specific reasons why we choose one, over the other, for any project. BazookaBOX is a collection of upgrades that only work with WordPress. For those interested, will be posting more about Joomla vs. WordPress in our News Feed.  But in most cases, we’ll wager you’ll choose WordPress, even if to work along side of Joomla, each serving different purposes in your company, or project.

Remember, a website is just a set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc. WordPress is is a framework designed to manage your website, without knowing anything about programming.


Why WordPress Is Awesome


What Makes WordPress Special?

What separates WordPress from many of it’s peers, is the sheer number of enhancements that are available. Starting out as a simple “blogging Framework”, WordPress has grown to easily manage complex website projects. Thanks to a massive community of programmers, determined to build countless enhancements, known as “Plugins” that augment, and/or modify the WordPress to perform highly specialized functions, and tasks for you.

While other CMS, like Joomla, have adopted this “Plugin” format to extend the capability, of the framework. WordPress was already a search engine darling. That is, starting as a “Blogging” platform, the major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others, coded to read standard WordPress URLS like the common http://yourwebsite.com/feed/” URL, for the most recent post to a “Blog.” When used properly, this can act like your own personal “Press Release”, to the search engines around the world.

WordPress Plugins Change Everything

Adding to it’s powerful blogging history, awesome plugins now allow us to use this powerful and proven framework, to build anything from dedicated real estate sites, to SMS, and telephone management systems. All enclosed in a familiar interface, and designed to be used by the average Joe, without getting a college degree, to use it.

Again, BazookaBOX is a “growing collection” of these powerful “Plugins,” carefully chosen to make your website a powerful marketing machine.

From making and managing popups, and banner ads, to automatically spinning and reposting excerpts of your webpages to Facebook, Twitter, and other social bookmarking sites.

BazookaBOX is about making things easy, and whenever possible, automatic, even set-and-forget, whenever possible.

WordPress is a Solid Foundation

We do all of this on a solid foundation. Using the WordPress framework, you can rest assured that you won’t waste your money on the small stuff, like decorating your content, adding images, videos, or other tasks.  Nor will you have security, or other pesky issues eating away your IT budget.

With WordPress being used by millions everyday, and countless programmers also depending on this awesome framework.  Almost every conceivable problem has been, or will be encountered, before you see it. Better, 95% of the solutions incorporated into the WordPress framework are released for general public upgrade, with more than a dozen annual upgrades, to the WordPress core each year.

With WordPress, you have thousands of programmers watching your back. With BazookaBOX, you have hundreds more, “pushing your success forward” with the latest marketing technology at your fingertips.


The Advantages of WordPress for Business Websites

WordPress for Business


Bazooka Plugins

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