Set and Forget

Supercharge your Internet marketing, with built-in robotic agents to do your work, and "Responsive Designs" to service desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, toll free, local phones, appointments handing, SMS, and more.

Building a successful Internet marketing site is as serious time investment. There are a great number of things to do if you want to stay on top of your market, including the following:

  • Add fresh and relevant content on a regular basis
  • Building back links on other websites;
  • Writing quality articles;
  • Submiting your articles to directories;
  • Upload videos to YouTube and other sharing sites;
  • Embeding yourvideos back onto your website

…rinse and repeat

In the marketing world… “A little every day” is preferred, over a mountain of work all at once, then nothing for the next 2, 3 months, or next year. This is always true, both online and offline radio, TV, billboards, etc.

Likewise, websites marketing requires a determined and disciplined attitude to stay profitable over the long term. Put another way, there must be a consistent plan for everything you do, and¬†with most websites, marketing is not a simple “set-and-forget” process. ¬†Rather, a great deal of hands-on time is required to develop and market your website.

But time is a precious commodity, over the last century providing the motivation behind today’s incredible technology, which is all about squeezing more out of each hour, through the use of machinery and computerized automation.

Bring on the Robots

With BazookaBOX, you will have countless special features, designed to streamline and automate, many of the repetitive tasks that otherwise suck up hours of hands-on.

BazookaBOX includes a growing collection of custom designed web savvy robots. We have scoured the planet to find tools that free you from the drudgery, and automate countless tasks in ways that help your website organically develop and improve your website marketing saturation.

Rather than being chained to your computer, BazookaBOX offers you countless, powerful “Set & Forget” features, that will both automate, and throttle your marketing while appearing completely natural to search engines. They’ll syndicate your content, and build automatic backlinks to your website with great precision.

While you have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and more sales to pay for longer and better vacations.


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