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Aloha Friends,

We know one of the best ways to improve your online marketing, is adding powerful website features, and professional design, to turn your website into an EXTREME MARKETING MACHINE.

We also know some of customers only need a limited number of WordPress themes and Plugins, so our Snap Plans save you even more with a “One Time Price”, for limited BazookaBOX superpowers.


Save $$$ with our Super Snap Specials


Get any BazookaBOX Super Snap Plan, at a substantial discount off our already low rates. This is a one-time charge, licensed for a single domain, with no ongoing fees. Saving you even more, because you can do your own theme and plugin configurations after we install them for you.


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Plus, when your included support plan expires, you can add additional support for just $99 annually.

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About BazookaBOX?

What are BazookaBOX tools about? Simple, some of the most impressive website management and power marketing tools in history, designed to give your website SUPERPOWERS. Yeah you may laugh, but we’re very serious about this. We think that a cool looking website is a great start, but it’s more important to make your website work for you.

With BazookaBOX Snap Plans, you’re getting your choice of some of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet, and the best themes available period. BazookaBOX power tools, will blast your marketing across the Internet, leaving your competition begging for mercy, as they scramble for your leftovers.


It’s about more sales

A successful website is easier when you have the right tools. Try fishing with a toothpick, or you can have lunch, with the guy that has a net. Marketing can, and will make the difference in your business. The fact is, the Internet is swamped, with customers looking for you right now.


Okay, so your website is pretty, but


  • Can your prospects find you?
  • Do they stay for more than 30sec?
  • Do they bookmark you?
  • Do they come back 5, 10, 100 times?
  • Why do they come back?
  • Do you know how they got there?
  • Do they subscribe for specials?
  • Did you give them a gift?
  • Spending too much on SEO?
  • Do you have 100k Backlinks?
  • Do you have coupons?
  • Wanna split test market?
  • Wanna spin more content?
  • Are you mobile?
  • How about tablets?
  • Is your mobile page fast?
  • SMS, Toll-Free, Click-2-Call
  • Have a website driven contest?
  • Want to curate more content?
  • Need some landing pages?
  • Are you using QR codes?
  • Need a store?
  • Is your security Bulletproof?
  • Got daily backups?

BazookaBOX can teach your website 10,000 more very cool tricks


Do we have your attention?

Traffic, Repeat Traffic, CTR, bounce rate, subscription rates, etc.

If you want to be a real internet power marketer, you’re not competing with just the “Best Marketers in the World”, “You’re competing with ALL OF THEM”. That’s why we recommend some serious “Power Tools” and a few SUPERPOWERS, to give your Internet marketing a real chance, against the “Best Marketers on Earth”.

With even a few BazookaBOX tools,
you’re going to kick all the little guys aside and give your biggest competitors a chill.

Many businesses still do not have the Internet understood, but bigger players dump millions every year to develop powerful marketing tools, strategies, and plans.

With selected BazookaBOX power tools, your going to have real weapons, to fight the most intense marketing battles in your life, with Goliath like companies saying, “Where do they get those wonderful toys?”


Yep, there’s more

While BazookaBOX Snap Plans do not include hosting, and you must have or purchase your own domain name. We still want you save even more. So we’re including many other valuable extras for free. Like a FREE “Basic” JingleSPOT Business Membership, (click here to learn why that’s awesome), which saves you another $449 more. Plus, we’re including traffic to your website, to help you snag some Christmas sales, or build your sales funnel for an awesome year in 2013.

But this offer won’t last for long. You need to act on this now, because this special is good through July 31, 2013. After that we may never offer this low price again. Well maybe, but no promises.


This is simple

Just make your purchase using the buttons above. Alternatively, you can give us a call, or post your request to participate below…

We can also access payment via business checks. Or, if you wish to finance a BazookaBOX Snap Plan, contact us for financing plans as low as 3% annually.

Accept all blessings, be excellent to everyone, live long, prosper, and party often.

Mahalo nui loa,
Team JingleSPOT


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