Our Collection Strategy

24 hours of every day, there is a genius programmer some where on earth releasing the next great website marketing idea. When he does, there’s a 50% chance it will be released as a WordPress plugin and or theme. There’s a 70% chance we’ll negotiate a license and add it to BazookaBOX.

What this means to you, is your going to automatically have access to 30-50% of the top website marketing tools, and themes that get released, as long as you have a BazookaBOX.

Here’s the best part, it won’t cost you a dime extra, no matter how many hot new technologies we add to our inventory. You don’t have to find them, test them, install them, or pay to upgrade them. You can have them at no extra cost as long as your a BazookaBOX customer.*3

Here’s lists of the Themes and Plugins we include with every BazookaBOX.

BazookaBOX Themes BazookaBOX Plugins

However, we stress, that these ARE NOT a complete lists, as we buy and test new plugins every week. Before we list a plugin here:

  • We have to negotiate a license
  • Make the purchase
  • Test install
  • Test basic use
  • Check for compatibility issues

So our lists of Themes and Plugins changes every week. Additionally, we have about 50-75 Plugins and Themes in our que at any given time. So, we always have more than you will see published on this website.


Check back frequently, we update often

The point is, you will want to check frequently, try a search, and ask if you need a particular feature. Even if we do not have the plugin you need, we can find it if we know you need it. Yes, we do this on request too.* Likewise, if you find a plugin that does something important, that our collection does not cover, tell us, so we can investigate and add it to our inventory.

In the end, we love automation and decoration tools and themes. So we buy the best of everything we review. Which means you don’t have to buy tons of great tools. What’s more important, is that many of the developers that make these plugins and themes, do not offer customer support, or not much support. So you would not only pay more to get these great plugins, you get great support for all the products part of your BazookaBOX. Plus, you won’t be throwing time and money down the drain buying JUNK, or less powerful solutions.

When comes to quality, we expect a lot. So you can rest assured we only buy the best. But sometimes, it’s even better. For example, we have purchased some plugins and themes, only to find a better one, days, weeks or months latter. What do we do? We buy both, and then recommend the one we like better, but give you a choice of either at no extra cost to you.


Bad Plugins, can do serious damage

The savings from “NOT BUYING JUNK” software (plugins), is where you will see some of the best reasons to get a BazookaBOX. But the worst part, is the damage that a bad plugin can do to your website. Often, we find a plugin that is very cool, and very useful, but does not play well with others. Our first plan with this, is to find another plugin to do the same thing. If we can’t find one, then we may choose to carry the offending plugin, but we will advise you in advance when there may be a conflict with other plugins or themes on your BazookaBOX.*1

We have seen a single plugin destroy entire websites. Or instantly break them. While we can and do recover such damage. In the same situation, buying your plugins and themes on the open market, your going to suffer the time, money and frustration of figuring out what happened and how to fix it. With BazookaBOX, if such a destructive conflict slips by us, we will generally catch it during our install and test service. Then either fix the issue, or restore your website and advise you if there is an alternative solution to get the features you want or need. If do not already have an alternate solution, then we go look for one, or investigate any that you or another customer recommends, and try to add a good one to our inventory.


We spend hours researching and buying the best

Rather than another mountain of copy to sell you. Let’s just say this, we spend time every day discovering, buying, and testing every WordPress Theme and Plugin we can find. So we can add them to our collection. You cannot run a successful business, and make time to do the research, and testing alone. Worse, few companies are prepared to dedicate the needed IT budget to keep up with what we do here at BazookaBOX.

We’re in the business of making things easier for you. So here’s our first best advise. Get a BazookaBOX today. Save money, save time, save frustration. Beat your competition hands down, in less time, and with less investment.

We think you’ll agree… plus, there’s no risk, BazookaBOX is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. You don’t like it, you don’t pay for it. End of story, we ONLY want happy clients. If your not happy, we don’t want your money.

1 – We do our best to test every combination of tools, but there is no guarantee that we have tried the exact combination of tools your ask us to install on your BazookaBOX.

2 – Generally we do not “Drop” a plugin once we adopt it. But we do keep current with all updates, again testing for conflicts, etc.

3 – Limited to themes and plugins, where we are able to reasonably obtain a license, that allows us to include it in our inventory for customer use. It also must not have conflicts with other products in our inventory. Lastly, this service is at our sole discretion, and our failure to find, and/or negotiate a license for any requested products/features, will not be considered a breach of our service agreements whatsoever.


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