Mobile Marketing

In 2007, the world leaped forward

More importantly, the way we access the Internet changed, and in 2010, it changed again (iPad), again in 2011 (ZoomKindle Fire, and Nook). All of these changes are about taking the Internet with you, “Internet on-the-go.” Today, more than 50% of Internet traffic, is from mobile devices, more than 30% of americans have a tablet, more than 50% have a smartphone. Many that fit in your pocket, from smartphones to sub-notebooks and tablet computers, more and more users are not sitting in front of a monitor in a dark room any more.


Your customers are MOBILE

If you want to reach your customers today, you need to be mobile. No, correction, you have to be mobile. Many of your competitors are mobile already, and every day more go mobile. Each giving your potential customers, a choice they want. A choice you must either offer, or get lost in the sea of “old-tech,” product and service providers, in the blink of an eye.

Remember, it’s a big world, and the Internet makes it smaller for both you AND your competition. Mobile marketing is the future, and it is here now. Basically, you have no choice but to get with the program, and master this new technology. Your customers expect it, and you have to deliver, or they will leave for a competitor that does offer mobile access.


Mobile marketing used to be expensive

Before the smartphone, marketing to cell phone users was very expensive and overly complicated. Today smartphones allow access to any website on the planet. Better, you can use the Internet to deliver a rich, customized user experience, just for smartphone users.

No longer limited to just text messaging, you can now combine text messaging, or SMS, with custom smartphone webpages, from the same server your website is hosted on. Thereby making web-to-smartphone, and web-to-SMS marketing, so easy a child can do it.


Get ahead of the game, get BazookaBOX

With BazookaBOX you can easily design and deliver webpages, and targeted “Landing Pages, and Capture Pages,” specifically designed for smartphones. In a few keystrokes, you can easily combine this with your own text messaging system, and manage a useful customer experience while they are on-the-go. You can even improve and control your “Business Reputation Management” using mobile devices with powerful BazookaBOX tools.

It gets better, BazookaBOX also includes “Fluid Themes” that will let you manage custom experiences for desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet users, with almost no extra effort on your part. One BazookaBOX website, can easily support all current Internet access devices, automatically reconfiguring itself, on the fly.

More about BazookaBOX “Fluid,” CLICK HERE


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