How it works

Supercharge your Internet marketing, with built-in robotic agents to do your work, and "Responsive Designs" to service desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, toll free, local phones, appointments handing, SMS, and more.

BazookaBOX, is both a product & service, that includes;

  • PLUGIN Collection;
  • THEME Collection;
  • Full Technology Maintenance;*
  • Free Upgrades
  • Awesome Support

BazookaBOX is a collection of power marketing tools we think no business should be without.

Plus, we have an awesome growing collection of very special plugins, themes, and other marketing solutions, any BazookaBOX user can install at no additional cost. **


Tech + Support = Reliability

BazookaBOX is 50% technology, and 50% awesome support, with an extra helping of ongoing technology upgrades and development.

You can at anytime select, and install any PLUGIN, or any THEME from our massive collection**1. If requested, our support team will install and do some basic settings for you, test, and advise you when ready.


Need Special Features?

Need technology we don’t already have? Just ask, and we’ll go search the seven seas for it, or in some cases we’ll just build it. In either case, we’ll add it to your BazookaBOX at no extra cost.

When it comes to the latest security measure, adding the latest cool functions, and tools, or awesome themes, hack recovery, conflicts and errors. BazookaBOX includes the best support on the planet, no additional fees apply.

Need more help? Want more expert configuration, help setting up campaigns, and using other more complex features? Need design work, social marketing and other services? Just make a request, and help is on the way.

We maintain ongoing relationships with hundreds of WordPress experts and developers. So there is no job to big or too small that we can’t help you connect with the services you need. Plus, you can trust our experts to deliver, and when we certify them, we guarantee their work, or you don’t pay, look for our “BazookaBOX Certified Seal”.


  1. We currently have more than 300 plugins. many are not yet listed here, it takes time to review, test, and then post them here.
  2. We also have over 1000 themes and growing. Again, themes take a lot of work to enter, so we’re doing our best to get them all online. What you will see now, and will always be entered first, is our best RESPONSIVE THEMES, and others with MOBILE READY features. Also we are trying to post NICHE SPECIFIC THEMES for lawyers, plumbers, salons, etc.
    It is important to note, that any RESPONSIVE THEME or MOBILE READY THEME can be easily adapted to your business. Change some images, text, a few bullets, and your good to go. So we recommend you have an open mind, and focus more on the layout elements, and placement. Then imagine it adapted with your images, copy, colors and logos. You can also request examples if that helps. If you need a WordPress expert to help, please click here.

  3. BazookaBOX Snap Plans cost less, and include only user selected themes, and plugins, can be ordered with or without installation, and do not include configuration. Though they do include free upgrades, support plans, and more. CLICK HERE for more details on our Snap Plans.


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