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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a set of strategies applied to the construction of both your website, and the content (text/images/video/links) you post on your website.

It is possible to derive great benefits, from having a correctly designed theme, using the right internal navigation systems, from tweaking every sentence of content you post, and from the right plugins, doing automation, or writing great SEO savvy copy to post.

With a BazookaBOX, you will enjoy some of the most powerful built-in SEO tools and templates ever released. Starting with “look over your shoulder” SEO rules, and programs to help you write perfect copy. We add robotic agents to cross post, link, and frequently ping every post you make.


Improve your SEO results by more than 500%

Using BazookaBOX, you can improve your SEO results often 500-800% over your present methods. Even SEO experts will praise our tools, and love you for getting a BazookaBOX, and they will charge you less, for doing more.

Here we’ll look at examples of Easy SEO, just one of the many tools included, for to give your a taste of how BazookaBOX tools can instantly improve your best pages, and posts. ┬áThe following videos are linked for instant access, while you work, but you probably won’t need them, because this tool is so very simple to use:

Minimum Words

Keyword Density

Automatic Keyword Decorations

Keyword in the Title Tag

While we have many SEO tools, this is our favorite, because we see completely untrained users, doing top flight SEO on every post, with instant assistance. To make it even better, if you have a question, there are 28 fully integrated “How To” videos to explain every function of the tool.


Simply Awesome

So awesome, we think a child could be an SEO Ninja, in less than time than it takes to learn the alphabet.

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