Fluid Themes

Internet marketing used to be about getting your message, to desktop computers around the world. But that was yesterday. Today the Internet is used by a wide variety of devices. From the now diminishing number of desktop computers and laptops, to the increasing number of tablets, and smartphones.

With Internet 3.0, your website can service all of these, and most new devices, if you incorporate the right technology to do it.

Be Ready for Anything

With BazookaBOX, we want to make sure you’re ready for anything. In this case, “size matters”. What you see on a 15″ laptop display and what you see on a smartphone is a huge issue of size. While today’s smartphones can easily display a full size webpage, designed for a desktop or laptop. There are many reasons this is not the right answer for your company.

1You must consider the technology question. Many things that display well on a larger display, completely fail to load on a smartphone or even a tablet. When that happens, the user experience is incomplete, or worse unfulfilling and they leave.

2There is the typography, and art issues. While a smartphone can display most common webpages, the type will be reduced to fit, so much that it cannot be read, without making a phone display a larger, but smaller portion of the page while you read. It’s a lot like a submarine Captain looking through a periscope at the World’s Fair. Talk about NOT “seeing the forest for the trees,” this user experience will not bring you customers either.

3There is the speed issue to consider. Webpages designed for the larger devices, also have bigger images, more video, and other things that require a large amount of bandwidth. By contrast, most smartphones and tablets have limited data packages, and much slower access than typical home or office computers.

4The result is often a page loading time that could leave your customer with a tombstone epitaph, “still waiting”, or feeling like Rip Van Winkle, trying to remember what the heck they wanted in the first place. Again, this is not a good user experience, and will drive away potential customers.

Worse, in time Google and other search engines will eliminate your pages from “mobile search” altogether, to “protect users” from these horrible experiences. Their customers depend on them to do that, soon they will be very hard core about this practice, today they are allowing some of it “ONLY” because 75% of the web is not mobile, but that number diminishes daily.

BazookaBOX gets you “Fluid” from the Start

With BazookaBOX we include more than 300 themes designed to be “Fluid” or ‘Responsive” so that they reconfigure, to service the device that access your website. This means that you can build just one website, and service an unlimited number of Internet access devices, from various sizes of tablets, and smartphones to larger public wall display screens.

In each case, the device determines what content is delivered, and what format will be used to display the content. In all cases, the design delivered is strikingly similar, and the content can be exactly the same, or you can choose to have some variables change.

With BazookaBOX, you can rest assured that every access to your website, regardless of device, will work to develop your business, rather than drive customers to your competition.




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