An incredibly long list, of great features highlight, why you need a BazookaBOX. Following is a short list of the many valuable features included with every account.

Designed to improve your business operations, sales, and marketing results, and even lower your communication costs, while delivering more advanced tools, than your competition. We want you to beat your competition hands down, and we’re determined to deliver the very best tech available.


Marketing & Advertising

The following features can change the way you do business, improve your market saturation, and your financial bottom line. A BazookaBOX can help you squeeze new sales from existing customers, drag new customers to your door, build your brand, and much more.

  • Analytics
  • Autoresponder (email)
  • Blogging System
  • Call to Action Tools
  • Contest/Sweeps
  • Coupon & Discount Tools
  • Custom URL Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Events Promotion
  • Lead Capture & Management
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Newsletter eMails
  • News Release System
  • Phone APPs
  • Press Release Tools
  • QR Codes
  • RSS Feeds
  • SEO Built-in
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Media Integration
  • Specials Syndication
  • Split Testing
  • SMS Marketing (text messaging)
  • Subscriptions (email lists)
  • Survey Tools
  • Syndication
  • Video Integration
  • Website Posting Automation


Advanced Selling Tools

These advanced selling features will directly, and positively impact your sales, while in many cases reducing your cost of operation.

  • Affiliates
  • Online Store
  • Popups, Sliders, and Live Chat
  • Quote Request Management
  • Squeeze Pages


Customer Service Tools

Use these tools, to improve your customer relations, reduce your customer service staff hours, and increase your customer, and visitor satisfaction.

  • Comments/Reviews
  • Customer Community
  • Customer Support
  • FAQs
  • Forums – your own
  • How-To Pages & Videos
  • Reservations/Seating Availability


Telephone Services

Telephone services have changed. Today you can easily setup, and manage advanced phone features, from your BazookaBOX. No need to deal with local phone companies, now you can have more advanced features, at a substantially lower cost.

  • Answering Services
  • Call Tracking
  • FAQs
  • Fax
  • How To
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Local Number
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Switchboard
  • Toll Free Number

No need to change your well known business numbers, local, or toll free, just transfer them to your BazookaBOX managed telephone system, and enjoy the advanced features above, and more. Local numbers cost $1 per month + 1 penny per minute inbound, and 2 cents per min. outbound, and Toll Free $2 per month, and 2 cents per min. outbound, and 3 cents per minute inbound. For example, $40 mo. would buy you 1300 inbound, “and” outbound minutes per month. (interfaced with Twillio to manage phone and SMS services)


Other Features

These features can improve your efficiency, help you comply with government regulations, keep your website running smooth 24/7,  reduce or eliminate your risk of being hacked and other unauthorized access to your online website and customer data.

  • Automated Appointment Notifications
  • Backup Management
  • Heat Maps
  • Legal Pages
  • Live user video tracking
  • Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Security Tools


Don’t Settle for Less, Get the Best

Remember, Internet marketing is a moving target, and BazookaBOX is an evolving technology where we constantly add new tools, to help you keep your marketing in pace, with the latest technologies.

In the real world, marketing can take years to evolve, but Internet marketing can change drastically, in just weeks, with new technologies, and strategies being applied, nearly every month.

At the very least, you need to keep in step with your competition. But we try to deliver more, we work hard to keep you 2-3-4 steps ahead of your competition.

Every week, we scour the planet looking for the next awesome marketing tools, constantly negotiating new licenses, to bring you the very best technology available today.

Unlike many of the companies that offer Internet marketing tools today, we do not limit our technology, to only what we create. You’re not locked into our development cycle, waiting months, or years, to catch up with yesterdays tech.

Using WordPress as our base framework, you can rest assured that you have the latest security, and countless programmers worldwide, developing incredible new tools every month. 

Many companies lock you into to their proprietary software, then decide what tech they feel like building, on time frames that suit their budget, and their profit margins.

With BazookaBOX, the possibilities are always unlimited, and unfettered, by the limited resources of a single software company. We procure the best tech, from countless independent developers, around the world.

Our only goal, is to deliver the best, most advanced technology available day in, day out. So you can use it to make more sales, and put more money in your pocket, while your competition cries for mercy, trying to figure out where you get all your wonderful marketing tools.

Do not settle for less, at a higher cost.

Don’t lock yourself into a technology corner, with proprietary software solutions.

Get BazookaBOX, and give your Website the latest Superpowers, today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Turn your website into a lean,
mean marketing machine!

Bazooka Plugin Technology

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