Endless Savings

When you get a BazookaBOX, not only can you save on the front end with one of our special discounts.  The savings never end. BazookaBOX is going to reduce the amount you spend for online marketing, plus the labor to develop and implement your online marketing strategies.


Time is Money

Yes it’s an old saying you’ve heard before, but it is 100% true. Time often separates us from the money we want or need. For example, it takes time for us to build this website.  During that time, we cannot sell BazookaBOX, because you do not know what it is, without these webpages.  So, even if we work for free, time to build a website is costing us money, we could make selling the product.

But, then there is the time spent building and maintaining the site, where the time could be doing something else that makes money.  For example, if you’re a lawyer, doctor, or other professional, you probably make more than web monkeys do.  So spending your time to  learn how, and then build a website, is likely costing you more than it’s worth.

No worries, you have employees or contractors to build and maintain your website.  They cost money too, right?  You’re paying for hours spent by staff or contractors, which can be reduced with BazookaBOX.  Saving you countless Dollars, Francs or Yen as the case may be.  But one thing is AWALYS CERTAIN, YOU WILL SAVE MONEY DAILY with a BazookaBOX.


Upgrade Costs

Another important concern with any technology, is the cost of upgrades to keep current, to fix things, to improve things.  With your website, this means your software, and design (theme) will need frequent updates.  For example, WordPress, the framework BazookaBOX is built for, releases as many as one update each month. If you have plugins, and BazookaBOX has many, then each plugin will see 1-3 annual updates. Not only does this mean more time costs, but depending upon your software licenses, you may have to pay for some upgrades too.  With BazookaBOX, all updates are included in our service plans.  No extra charges for labor or software, and you’re always up to date.


Maintenance Costs

Not really hard to grasp, we have to maintain our homes, and our cars, and your website is no exception.  Maintaining your website means different things.  For example, if your website is going to be successful, you need to have valuable content.  But, to make it viral, and drive massive traffic to it, you’re going to have to add content weekly.

Some of this can be considered SEO (ie; search engine optimization) which is about maintaining and building your website “fame”, or as the net calls it your popularity. CLICK HERE for more about SEO.  Beyond that, there is website backups (do them often, or you’ll cry one day).  Following are some of the common considerations for website maintenance, you can click each for more details if you like.

  • Content Updates *
  • Email Assistance
  • DNS Configuration
  • Domain Registration
  • Graphics Editing *

These are also related cross-over tasks to website maintenance:

  • Affiliate Marketing Management *
  • Analytics Implementation & Analysis *
  • Meta Data Updates *
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing *
  • Search Engine Optimization (ie; SEO) *
With BazookaBOX, many of these costs are reduced or eliminated, (ie: * items). BazookaBOX includes powerful tools to help with some of these things, and intelligent robots to take-over repetitive tasks like elements of your SEO, and adding new content automatically.


Security Expenses

Website security is more important than most companies realize.  The fact is there is a world full of “not so nice people” that make it their mission to destroy countless websites every day. It sucks, it makes no sense, it hurts, and there is no gain.  But the fact is, every day, every website is at risk, to some degree.

See the following bytes from recent news:

Amnesty International Website Hacked
TUESDAY AUGUST 28, 2012, 3:34 PM

Sony Mobile’s website hacked
03 Sep 2012 16:45

Domino’s Pizza website hacked
September 12, 2012 05:38 AM ET

City of Tulsa’s Website Hacked
Sep 19, 2012 11:05 AM MST

So, do you still think it will not happen to you?  Don’t worry, they don’t have to target you, they hurt countless small businesses when the they hit Godaddy, see above.

Look twice at the following statistics…

A recent study found, that more than 60 percent of websites were hacked within the last two years. 40 percent of those attacks were against small, and midsize business websites.

The study also revealed that 51 percent of small, and midsize business website traffic is non-human, and that 31 percent are potentially damaging automated malicious traffic from spies, scrapers, and spammers.  ~more

With BazookaBOX, your always ready  

We can’t guarantee that you will never be the victim of a successful hack to your website.  No one can promise that.  But, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to make it hard work for even the best hackers, and if you’re hacked, we’ll be ready to help you recover in less than an hour in most cases.

Learn more about security, CLICK HERE



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