Get Website Superpowers

Whether your visitors are fast on the draw, and buy on the first visit. Or your customer is more typical, and needs three or more visits to make a buying decision…

BazookaBOX power tools, can help you get visitors to come, get them to stay, get them to come again, and get them to buy.

BazookaBOX, includes a powerful collection of tools and features we think no business should be without.

Upgrade any time, simply select any of our awesome collection of very special plugins, themes, and other marketing solutions, any time, at no additional cost. Remember, we add new tools every month to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Get your BazookaBOX

  • Semi Annual
  • $399

    every 6 months

  • All Plugins
  • All Themes
  • Awesome Support
  • Free Upgrades
  • 6 mo. Membership
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  • Lifetime
  • $1999

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  • All Plugins
  • All Themes
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  • 3 Year Membership
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Not Included

  • Buggy Software
  • An endless wish list, of missing features
  • A lonely deserted island with no support


Change the Game Rules

While boat loads of money can make a poor website more successful, a truly successful website is MADE possible by how it addresses the following factors, in the order listed:

  • Speed
  • Device Accessibility
  • First Impression / Design Appeal
  • Navigation Quality
  • Power Tools
  • Content

Sorry to pop your bubble, but on the scale of 1-5, content is less important than you may think, (all your content can be legally borrowed or licensed). yeah, we know many gurus and experts may disagree.

But you can trust this, the number of visitors to your site, how long they stay, and whether they return, and stay again, is more important than anything. Even more important than making a sale on the first visit.

Experts agree it generally takes 5-7 visits to make a purchase.

If they come, do not buy, and never return, whose the loser?


You can expect


Improved Traffic Results

  • Your visitor count will increase;
  • Your visitors will stay longer;
  • You will have more repeat visitors;
  • You sell more products and services; *1
  • You get more repeat buyers; *2

Great Changes

  • More content, with less work;
  • Your website will do more, faster;
  • Better design appeal; *3
  • Your website navigation will improve;
  • Your website will be more viral;
  • Better, easier, faster, less expensive SEO;
  • Your website will work on more devices;
  • More marketing strategies, with less effort;

Better Security

  • Your website will be more secure;
  • It’s far less likely you will get hacked;
  • If your hacked, lose less, recover faster;

  1. Assumes your have a great product or service, nothing will help you sell a poor product or service.
  2. Assumes that you have a product they buy more than once
  3. Design, is always a matter of opinion, or beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But in most cases, our collection of themes, and design tools will improve your design appeal by leaps and bounds.

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