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Website security is more important than most companies realize.  The fact is there is a world full of “not so nice people” that make it their mission to destroy countless websites every day. It sucks, it makes no sense, it hurts, and there is no gain.  But the fact is, every day, every website is at risk to some degree.


See the following bytes from recent news:

Amnesty International Website Hacked
TUESDAY AUGUST 28, 2012, 3:34 PM

Domino’s Pizza website hacked
September 12, 2012 05:38 AM ET

City of Tulsa’s Website Hacked
Sep 19, 2012 11:05 AM MST

So, do you still think it will not happen to you?  Don’t worry, they don’t have to target you, they hurt countless small businesses when the they hit Godaddy.

Look Twice at the following:

A recent study found, that more than 60 percent of websites were hacked within the last two years. 40 percent of those attacks were against small and midsize business websites.

The study also revealed that 51 percent of small and midsize business website traffic is non-human and that 31 percent are potentially damaging automated malicious traffic from spies, scrapers, and spammers. ~more

So, whether want to talk about it or not, active steps must be taken to prevent, and recover from being “Hacked”.  If you don’t, then your best sales day of the year, could be your worst day ever.  Being hacked can mean countless expenses dealing with the aftermath of a successful attack.  So the first best plan is to prevent intrusion.  The second thing, be careful where information is stored on your website, and third, have a solid plan to recover, setup in advance, and always ready so that your website can be back online in minutes, not days or weeks.


With BazookaBOX, your always ready  

Starting with our top-notch WordPress security tools.  We’ll also show you exactly how to lock down important files at every level from .htaccess to file permissions.  How to consolidate file dates in advance, so you can identify exactly what files are changed instantly, in the event that any attack gets past our defensive systems.  Then, using our regular backup tools, you can ensure that your website will be restored quickly, in the event of successful attack.

In the event of any detected attack, we work hand-in-hand with all related networks, and law enforcement, to facilitate fast, and well documented investigation materials, get where they need to be to catch the guilty.

We specialize in WordPress, and since BazookaBOX is a part of the JingleSPOT Network, we maintain countless WordPress driven websites, upgrading, maintaining and managing them daily.  So we have seen, and we survive daily attacks across our networks.*1  In our Internet adventure over the last 20 years, we have been forced to protect ourselves.  So security is a backbone to our comprehensive services, and something we share with every BazookaBOX user.

We can’t guarantee that you will never be the victim of a successful hack to your website.  No one can promise that.  But, we can guarantee that you will know everything we know about how to make it hard work for even the best hackers, and if your hacked, you’ll be ready to recover in less than an hour in most cases, using our included backup and restore tools. *2


As always, the choice is yours

But why choose to be a victim, when you can choose to be victorious? Simply put, we save you the burden of worrying about being hacked, and give your the peace of mind that your ready, win or lose, your not out of business.  With an active security plan, and a recent copy of your data ready for recovery.  In most cases, you can laugh at would be hackers wasting their time trying to damage your website.  If they succeed, your ready to be back online before they can gloat to their hacker friends.

So get BazookaBOX and sleep easy…

Just don’t let the bed bugs bite, we don’t cover that.

 BazookaBOX Security Tools


1 – Any hosting service, is a target these days, again see Godaddy story above.  The trick is to be “on duty” keeping a close eye on your networks.  Use every tool at your disposal, close

2 – Because using our tools, your website backups are always up-to-date, you can restore your website within minutes of discovering it has been damaged.  Generally, we recommend taking the entire ‘Hacked Website” offline, and moving it to a secure server for investigation.  Then put a fresh copy of your website back online so you can do business as usual as quickly as possible.

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